HV Management System

CDMS Electrical Engineering was engaged by Gosford City Council to review their existing High Voltage (HV) safety management documentation. Of their HV management system, this included their HV installation safety management plan and HV safety rules for their four (4) high voltage water pumping and sewerage treatment sites. For further details on Power System Modelling services provided by CDMS Electrical on this project please contact the CDMS Electrical Team on +61 (08) 9421 9060.

Project Brief

HV Management System


Compliant and workable HV safety management documentation was produced in consultation with Gosford City Council engineering staff to allow for the safe operation and maintenance of their HV assets.


HV safety management documentation had evolved over many years and required a review to ensure compliance to the latest Supply Authority requirements, industry best practice and relevant standards and legislation.

Project Objectives

CDMS’s objective was to develop the necessary HV systems and documentation to allow the safe and effective management of HV assets. It was imperative not to make change for change sake, and to allow the existing positive safety culture to continue.


  • To understand current HV management systems and culture and to offer improvements as necessary
  • To deliver a workable HV management system that meets the Supply Authorities requirements

Our Approach

In conjunction with the client, CDMS took the following approach to deliver a suitable outcome:

  • Held initial detailed discussions on which existing processes were required to be adopted into the new system
  • Provide training documentation to allow competency to be achieved