Set up SEL Relay Communications to Wonderware

CDMS Electrical Engineer programmed and commissioned an RTAC SEL Relay (SEL 3530) which serially connects existing customer site SEL relays together with Wonderware (or other SCADA systems).  Older SEL relays often will not have an Ethernet port, so this is a viable option to get information from them into SCADA.

The RTAC relay enables data to be collected for use in SCADA while also allowing for a Quickest connection to the relay to integrate it and make setting changes. While the Quickest connection is in use, the RTAC suspends the SCADA data and reinstates it after use or after a timeout.  Once an RTAC is installed it also allows for automated monitoring and security of relay settings on a regular basis.

For further details on RTAC programming and SCADA services provided by CDMS Electrical on this project please contact the CDMS Electrical Team on +61 (08) 9421 9060.