Wonderware SCADA Upgrade

CDMS Electrical Engineers was engaged by a client to resolve a problem with their existing Wonderware SCADA installation. The issue was evidenced by very slow update times between the Wonderware servers and computers and the Omron PLCs. Other PLCs such as Allen Bradly PLCs and other devices including Modbus TCP were not affected by the slow communication issues. For further details on the SCADA services provided by CDMS Electrical on this project please contact the CDMS Electrical Team on +61 (08) 9421 9060.

Project Brief

Wonderware SCADA Upgrade


New servers were specified, installed and fully configured to manage communications from all the PLC’s onsite. This resulted in improved communication speeds from an incredibly slow 10 – 15 seconds, to an acceptably fast 100ms to 500ms per update.


Mining of the Tritton ore body commenced in 2004 with the development of an access decline and construction of a sulphide ore processing plant. Stope production commenced in March 2005. In its first year of production, Tritton produced 23,088 tonnes of copper in concentrate. Tritton has reached 10 years of production in 2015 with significant resource remaining. A properly functioning SCADA system is critical in meeting production and safety targets.

Project Objectives

CDMS’s objective was to implement the necessary system modifications and upgrades to allow efficient use of the SCADA system on site. It was imperative not to impact upon copper production and to fully communicate intended changes to ensure SCADA system continuity of service.


  • To address an issue that was perceived as difficult to rectify. Others had tried and failed in the past.
  • To ensure continuity of SCADA services to allow for uninterrupted mining.

Our Approach

In conjunction with the client, CDMS took the following approach to deliver a suitable outcome:

  • Initial testing was carried out onsite with new servers configured and setups provided for by CDMS. The initial testing proved a way forward as well as determining the root cause of the slow communications problems, which essentially amounted to configuration errors in Wonderware from early on in the mines life.
  • CDMS specified the necessary hardware and software improvements to allow for a timely upgrade program.