Functional Safety

Functional safety is a concept employed across all industry sectors that by design and engineering, ensures the safety of the public, employees and contractors from the dangers of plant equipment and processes.

Functional safety covers a broad range of electrical, electronic and programmable logic systems that perform specific safety related functions, thus providing the assurance that the necessary risk reduction required to achieve a ‘safe state’ has been applied if a fault condition occurs.

Functional safety is driven by standards (including AS 61508, AS IEC 61511 and AS 62061) in which safety related systems are designed to a specified safety integrity level (SIL), based on the reliance placed upon them.

Our Electrical Engineers would be happy to assist with:

  • Determination of safety integrity levels (SILs)
  • Verification of safety related systems against the functional safety requirements/SILs
  • Design of electrical safety-related systems
  • Development of functional safety management plans
  • Functional Safety Audits as per standards AS 61508, AS 62061 and AS IEC 61511

For further details on Functional Safety services provided by CDMS Electrical, please contact the CDMS Electrical team on (+61 8) 9421 9060.