Power System Modelling

CDMS Electrical Engineering provides a diverse range of services in the area of power system modelling and studies. The software package that CDMS Electrical uses to perform these studies is SKM PowerTools for Windows (PTW). Some of the power systems study services offered by CDMS Electrical are:

  • Load flow. Load flow studies are used to determine the voltage drops in various parts of the power distribution system and estimate maximum power demand.
  • Fault levels. Fault levels are calculated as per AS3851 and IEC60909 standards. These include minimum 3 phase fault levels, maximum 3 phase fault levels (including motor contribution) and Single Line to Ground fault levels.
  • Protection grading. Protection grading studies are used to evaluate existing protection device settings and ensure that the protection devices provide adequate protection to personnel and equipment.
  • Arc Flash. An arc flash study is used to estimate the incident energy levels at assumed working distances for equipment where a worker may be exposed to arcing and specify appropriate PPE class based on these energy levels.
  • Non-linear loads. Harmonic studies are used to determine the effect of non-linear loads on the power system and any subsequent power quality issues.
  • Flicker analysis. Flicker analysis studies are used to determine voltage variations due to cyclical loads. This is most commonly seen in the flickering of incandescent lamps and TV screens in plants and residences.

For further details on power system modelling services provided by CDMS Electrical, please contact the CDMS Electrical team on (+61 8) 9421 9060.